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AGSA (Aviation Ground Services Assessment )

IASO’s premier program open to all IASO members.  The IASO AGSA program is a web based platform which serves as an investigative database for ground handling companies globally, AGSA uses recognizable and predictive metrics to indicate level of quality, safety and highest service responses available: This will also include audit consultation at the IASO member’s expense to prepare an IASO member for an IATA ISAGO audit and raise their level of compliance with IATA Standards.

 Added features of this program are as follows:
- Plan and perform voluntary assessments on IASO ground handling companies as requested by IASO members.
- Consult with IASO members to create customized checklists for evaluation and customer feedback.
- Maintain an updated list of ground handling companies evaluated to assist all IASO members with finding quality service and ensured timely payment of services.

 IASO’s careful categorization of ground handling companies based on observed levels of compliance to international standards and risk mitigation advice to all IASO members.  This feature is only available to IASO registered members as there will be user-based restrictions to access of AGSA database for ground handling companies and airlines.

Risk assessment database

IASO is in the process of developing a “state of the art” ground handling-aviation services risk mitigation database that will be highly confidential and open to IASO members only.  This IASO database will analyze and gather information on all ground-handling aviation services companies in an effort to ensure that only the highest quality service providers are used by IASO members and to provide a level of predictability of safety  and level of service for IASO members exclusively.

Arbitration and dispute resolution

Dispute Resolution

IASO membership provides a structured format for members and their clients to avoid costly and time-consuming international litigation in the event of a dispute over contracted services. Under the direction of the International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR) of the American Arbitration Association and Cornell University’s ILR School, IASO has designed two processes for their members to more efficiently and cost-effectively manage dispute resolution:

  • Mediation – Utilizing Cornell University’s ILR School panel of internationally experienced mediators, the parties are encouraged to resolve their dispute via a non-judicial, structured process with the assistance and facilitation of a highly-trained mediator.
  •  Arbitration – Should mediation be unsuccessful or not desired by the parties, the ICDR will provide a panel of select international arbitrators who will hear the case and render a final and binding decision without the cost and time involved in cross-border litigation.

Aviation tender


IASO has designed a secure database and access to select aviation fuel companies in order to provide IASO members only with exclusive premium pricing and quality of service for all aviation fuel requirements within the IASO membership.


IASO is able through its high volume purchasing of Jet fuel and excellent reputation to provide its membership with the best industry fuel pricing while assuring the highest quality aviation fuels and service available.


IASO’s guarantee that all IASO members are matched with the best service providers available through its leading edge risk assessment database and also guarantees through an innovative insurance program that timely payment and highest level of service for all IASO registered members.

Business networking

IASO envisions itself to be a major conduit for both positive change and effective collaboration among all aviation services providers. IASO provides unparalleled networking opportunities and is positioned to be a major hub for information from international regulators, business and service providers.  IASO plans to be the “one place for all members to come to learn, train and change the aviation services industry for the better.

Discounted insurance

 IASO has negotiated through its insurance providers, to provide its members with select and very competitive insurance pricing available only to IASO members.

Aerospace Magazine

Our members enjoys free access to Aerospace magazine this is a  bimonthly publication for the latest industry news affecting IASO Members and their businesses.

IASO members will receive a digital copy by email / printed magazine and by post.