Declaration Of Intent

“The IASO promotes excellence and professionalism amongst its Members, facilitating the application of best practice and the highest standards of operational, safety and efficiency.”


  • One of the primary roles of the International Aviation Services Organization (IASO)) in representing the interests of its members is to foster a safe and transparent environment which allows its members to thrive and compete in the most appropriate way;
  • The IASO Group does this by striving to ensure that the applicable legislation is uniformly and evenly applied by its members within the relevant countries (home country and countries served by the operation), so as to avoid distortions in competition based on differing interpretations of the relevant legislations at national or international level;

The Declaration reads as follows:

I, undersigned, hereby declare to have read and accepted the IASO Statutes and acknowledge that the company I represent, as a Full Member of the Association, undertakes to comply with the obligations pertaining to the nature of its operations as they are described in the relevant legislation with respect to air transport as applicable in its principal place of business and in other countries where it operates.

My company will not pursue, or promote, any activity that could be deemed to be contrary to the spirit of the above-mentioned legislation, and that would run counter to the values generally promoted by the free market. As applied universally, ignorance of the applicable law does not excuse acts in breach of the relevant rules.

Similarly, as a responsible member of the Association and of the business aviation sector, I pledge that the company I represent will bring full transparency to our undertakings and will adhere to the highest standards of safety, and ethical behavior, promptly reporting any suspected violations of the IASO Declaration.

I understand and accept that any such violations may, if and when corroborated, give rise to the immediate exclusion from the IASO of the Company I represent, on the express decision of the Annual General Meeting of Members on proposal of the Board of Governors.