About IASO

About Us

International Aviation Services Organization (IASO) is a non-profit organization, aviation services Industry Leader and forum for consultation on industry issues for all aviation services companies worldwide. The organization registered in Sweden and Montreal, Canada with its  HQ in Geneva - Switzerland . There are two sub-organizations that fall under the umbrella of IASO – IFSO (International Fuel Services Organization) and IHAO (International Handling Aviation Organization). The main objective of IASO is to organize, educate, and improve the aviation services industry through collaboration, using best business practices and speaking with one voice for all service providers to ensure credible representation for all IASO industry members. 


IASO understands the issues affecting the aviation services industry and believes that strong industry representation worldwide is essential for continued global progress.  IASO’s commitment is to not only build strong representation but to assist in the development of common industry practices to meet the dynamic challenges facing the industry today and tomorrow. IASO aims to improve the understanding of the Aviation Services industry among decision makers, regulators and providers and increase awareness of the benefits that aviation brings to national and global economies.

How We Serve

We aim to provide all necessary support for the development of aviation services industry worldwide. This is done by supporting our members in helping them develop their business tools and coordination among members to form a single representative voice for the industry, engaged with each other and concerned with each member’s growth and level of sophistication to ensure safe, cost-effective and quality performance.