About IASO

Mr. Samir H. Al Asadi is the co-founder of the organizations and brings with him a wealth of experience in different corporate sectors.  He is currently the Executive Director of MIXJET AB, Sweden. Prior to that, he served as Executive Director of LETSFLY in Sweden and France. Before entering into the aviation sector, Mr. Samir sharpened his skills in the financial sector.

He was the Investment Manager at Chaisebemont Asset Management PLC, UK. He also served as Market Adviser at London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange, UK prior to becoming the Investment Adviser at Expolink PLC, UK. He was also Software Developer at Ericsson Radio and Ericsson Microwave, Sweden before holding the title of Marketing Manager at SAAK International Trade Corporation HB, Spain and Sweden.

Mr. Samir holds master degrees in Applied Mathematics and in Modern Language (Russian) from University of Gothenburg, Sweden. He also holds degrees in Strategic Marketing and Asset Management-Securities, Futures and Derivatives from Academy of Finance, Cambridge, Great Britain. He gained his technical knowledge by completing Software Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden; and Civil Engineering –Computer at University of Technology CVUT, Prague, Czech Republic. Mr. Samir speaks Swedish, French, English, Russian, Czech and Arabic languages.