About IASO

Mr. Munir Khalifa is the founder and holds extensive experience in the field of aviation services. He has over 25 years’ experience in this field, he is also the Owner&Ceo of MIXJET Flight Support since 2007 and thanks to his successful policies and best efforts during this period driving MIXJET as one of the leading companies in the field of aviation services on global scale.

Adhering to his policy of development and market expansion, Mr. Munir Khalifa worked to establish ALSHAMELAH Aviation Services in 2011 and also founded the sister company MIXJET AB - Europe in Sweden in 2012 to exclusively care for European airlines and European markets in general.

Mr. Munir Khalifa holds a Master’s degree in Economic Sciences from the Academy of Economic Sciences of Odessa.p He also holds a certificate in leadership and management skills from the ILM Institute of Leadership and Management (London). He speaks three languages i.e. Arabic, English and Russian.

Recently Mr. Munir he is also the founder of JET FUEL SUPPLY.