About IASO

Mohamed Elamiri has more than 36 years of experience with the Moroccan Civil Aviation Administration, and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

He is currently a senior consultant with ICAO and the Chairman of the International Foundation for Aviation and Development (IFFAAD), a “Think Tank” non-profit organization based in Montreal, Canada.

Since joining the ICAO Secretariat in 1998, he held the positions of Director of the Air Transport Bureau, Chief of the ICAO Safety and Security Audits Branch and finally Deputy Director of the Air Navigation Bureau responsible for Safety Management and Monitoring before retiring from the Organization in October 2014.

Prior to joining the ICAO Secretariat, he worked with the Government of Morocco for more than twenty years as Air transport Director and Permanent Representative of Morocco on the Council of ICAO.

Mr. Elamiri holds a Masters in Mathematics, a high level certificate in Management and an Engineering Diploma in Civil Aviation.