About IASO

Capt. Samir Sajet is the regional person in charge of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) - Aviation Safety Unit (UAE) for Asia, North Africa ,Sudan and the Middle East Regions.  Samir leads a common service provided by the World Food Programme to serve and provide the humanitarian community with safe and reliable air transport services during humanitarian emergencies.

Samir who began his United Nation career in 1998 in Iraq and World Food Programme in Guinea in 2001 as Chief Air Transport Officer, is no stranger to the emergencies that affect the world’s hungry people and the challenges that come with reaching beneficiaries in remote and war-torn corners of the world.

Samir was subsequently transferred to UAE in 2006 as the Regional Aviation Safety Officer for Asia and the Middle East regions (UAE office) which is largest WFP strategic hub. Samir has served the humanitarian community across the globe and his efforts didn’t just stop at helping WFP in its operation but extended to building the countries aviation safety infrastructure by investing in human capacities through arranging various trainings, seminars, workshops, campaigns and he is the founder of WFP paramount organized conferences the Global Humanitarian Aviation Conference and Exhibition and he also recognized as the leader of Aviation safety premotor worldwide through his numerous activities in Asia, South America and Africa. Samir was selected to be among the most 100 influential Arbs worldwide in 2009. Samir endeavors to improve safety was also identified by ICAO and many National CAA round the world.

Samir served the Aviation industry for more than 37 years, including his service in Iraqi air commercial carrier as a fixed wing and Helicopter pilot holding fix wing and helicopter instructor and inspector license.